Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Local Book Club Donates Bench to Library

Setauket, NY – November 27, 2012 -- 
In celebration of many years of meeting together as readers and friends, a local Setauket book club donated a bench to the Emma S. Clark Library.  Library Director, Ted Gutmann, indicated that the bench had been on the library’s ‘wish list’ and placed the donation outside of the community room.
Photograph of members of the Bookclub with Library Director, Ted Gutmann

Vincent O'Leary Becomes the Longest Serving Member of the Emma S. Clark Memorial Library Board of Trustees

Setauket, NY – November 19, 2012 -- 
Mr. Vincent R. O'Leary was recently honored by the Emma S. Clark Memorial Library Board of Trustees as the longest-serving trustee in the history of the Library.  On November 14, 2012, Mr. O'Leary was presented a plaque from the Board of Trustees to memorialize his 33 years and 8 months of service.  Mr. O'Leary has served as a trustee since March 1979, and continues to serve on the Board.  The record holder for the previous longest serving trustee was held by Samuel Twybill Brown, who served from November 1918 to July 1951.
Pictured from L-R: Fred Bryant, President of the Board of Trustees, Vincent O'Leary and Ted Gutmann, Library Director

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