Monday, July 29, 2013

Teen Volunteers at Emma Clark Library to visit Jefferson’s Ferry for Tech Assistance

On Wednesday, July 31st, teen volunteers from Emma Clark Library will be at Jefferson’s Ferry, a retirement community in South Setauket, from 10:00am – 12:00noon to provide tutoring services for residents on any technical devices such as iPads, cell phones, etc.

Jennifer Mullen, Adult Services Librarian, and Nanette Feder, Teen Services Librarian, approached Jefferson’s Ferry with the idea that our teen volunteers can help out many seniors in the community with bringing them into the 21st century.  Jefferson Ferry’s Librarian Claire Donohue and Allison Halperin, Program & Services Coordinator, have been instrumental in making this program happen. 

“Many times the overwhelming feeling when dealing with technology today is frustration. The Library saw a need to help our seniors in our community to overcome this frustration. What better way to do it than starting with Jefferson’s Ferry,” says Ms. Mullen.  “There, we can help our seniors become more familiar with their devices – help them understand how they work and tweak them to meet their certain needs. Teens in our community will sit down with an individual to do just that – make them feel comfortable.”

In the Fall, Emma Clark hopes to make this a regularly occurring program with teen volunteers visiting Jefferson’s Ferry monthly. 

This program is for Jefferson’s Ferry residents only.  However, the library does hold regular technology workshops for all Three Village residents.  Visit or call 631.941.4080 for a listing of workshops. 

If you have any questions about the Teen Tech program at Jefferson’s Ferry, or would like to become a teen volunteer, you may contact Nanette at 941.4080 ext. 116 or email her at

 Teens helping Seniors at Jefferson's Ferry

Monday, July 22, 2013

Explore Emma's Garden

Have you ever walked around the beautiful grounds of Emma Clark Library and wondered about the plantings? No need to wonder anymore! 

Emma Clark has just unveiled a new project, Emma’s Garden. There is brand new signage identifying plantings for the curious public, including a tool for the tech-savvy. Each sign includes a QR code. Simply hold your mobile device up to the code, and it will bring you to a webpage with more information on the planting – such as origin, bloom time and zones – along with how much sun, type of soil, and the height and spread of the planting to help you decide if you’d like to plant them in your own garden. Webpages include links to "how-to" videos, as well as gardening book recommendations that may be checked out from the library.

Emma’s Garden includes flowers such as Hydrangeas, Day Lilies, and Black-Eyed Susans; bushes such as Beautyberrys, Rhododendrons, Cherry Laurels, Double Fire Virbinum, and Butterfly Bushes; and trees such as American Hollys, Kwanzan Cherry Trees, and multiple varieties of Crabapple. 

Garden research was done by Nancy McCaffrey, Adult Reference Librarian, along with Dianne Greco, Administrative Assistant. Book recommendations were compiled by Jennifer Mullen, Adult Reference Librarian. 

Come stop by to see the quaint and historic grounds of Emma Clark Library. 
There is no need to register or be a resident to enjoy its beauty.