Monday, August 26, 2013

Emma Clark Library to bring floating collection of young adult books to RC Murphy Junior High

Starting this school year, Emma Clark Library and RC Murphy Junior High will begin a partnership where the library will bring a floating collection of young adult books to the school to give the students greater access to a wider variety of books.

Nanette Feder, Teen Services Librarian at Emma Clark, approached Betsy Knox, School Librarian, with the idea in the spring.  The program gives RC Murphy Junior High the opportunity to circulate much of the young adult fiction that they do not have in their collection.  Additionally, library circulation drops during the school year because many teens are too busy with school and extracurricular activities to get to the library, so it is a win-win situation for all.  RC Murphy was chosen because it is the secondary school in the district that is farthest from the library, and therefore those children live further away which makes it more difficult to get to the library.

The library will be lending approximately 100 age-appropriate paperback and hardcover books at a time.  The books will have a 3-month loan period which would be extended if necessary. The library would then swap out 25% of the collection every 2 months.  The school will set aside a bookcase to house this collection and identify it as Emma Clark Library’s books.

This is the second program of its type – back in May, the library started a floating collection with the Long Island State Veterans Home.

If you have any questions about the floating collection with RC Murphy Junior High, you may contact Nanette at 941-4080 ext. 116 or email her at

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